Lushan Anti-PID series EVA film for encapsulating solar modules received positive feedbacks

Lushan Anti-PID series EVA film for encapsulating solar modules has received positive feedbacks from PV module manufacturers. Lushan EVA film is evaluated as the A class rate under Anti-PID (Potential-induced degradation) test proceeded by several PV module manufacturers partners. The power lost test result of Lushan Anti-PID series of EVA film is only 0.5%.
PID phenomenon is emerging out of the actual usage of some photovoltaic power stations. The power lost is caused by the potential high voltage among live part of PV module: grounding frame or external of grounding area. It could cause the power lost of the PV module for over 50%, and will affect the power output for the whole photovoltaic power station. In recent years, it has become a main reasons for complaint the quality problems of domestic PV module manufacturers by foreign customer of photovoltaic power station.
PID phenomenon was influenced mainly by three factors including system, PV module and PV cell. EVA film is one of important factors for PV module. TUV Rheinland and PV Lab consider that if the power lost of the PV module is less than 5% under the experimental conditions, it will be evaluated as passing the PID testing. While the Anti-PID performance of the PV module which is encapsulated by the Lushan Anti-PID EVA film is 0.5% which is much better than the required 5%. Compared with other brand qualified EVA film and normal EVA film without Anti-PID function in the same experimental conditions, the power lost test result of the other brands qualified EVA film is in the range of 2%-3%, and that of the normal EVA film is over 30%. Excellent test result of Lushan EVA film for Anti-PID verifies the stable quality of Lushan EVA film and Lushan international leading technology. 

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