Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Compatibilizer

         Halogen-free flame retardant compatibilizer Lushan series for cables and wires are developed by several doctors and masters from Lushan’s R&D Center, and combined ten years" modified polyolefin grafting theories and halogen-free flame-retardant compatibilizer research. Lushan halogen-free flame retardant Compatibilizer can be widely used in the non-halogen flame retardant of hydroxides of metals, phosphorus, and nitrogen and so on to fill in the composite wire and cable materials, to improve the compatibility between the matrix resins and flame-retardant compatibilizer interfaces, and accelerate the flame-retardant compatibilizer spreading, and thus, halogen-free flame retardant compatibilizer could enhance mechanics and processing capability and performance of flame retardant of wires and cables materials.
Compatibilizer Usage


1.      1. Compatiblizer widely used in composite cable and wire filled with metal hydroxides, phosphorus and nitrogen,and so on to   improve the compatibility between the matrix resins and flame retardant compatibilizer interfaces.
2.      2.  Fulfilling RoHS-normative standards, and SGS Halogen-testing standards.
3.      3.  High grafting rate and low gel content.
4       4.  Excellent processing performance.
Compatibilizer Structure Features Examples

Figure 1:  IR spectrum contrast between  competibilizer Lushan OR-1 and EVA.

Figure 2:  IR spectrum contrast between competibilizer Lushan LR-1D and PE

Compatibilizer Application Effectiveness:

Test effectiveness of Mechanical properties for competibilizer Lushan LR-1D and Lushan OR-1 when used in magnesium hydroxide flame retardant cable materials.

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